Conwy Station Flooding

Project Name: Conwy Station

Client: Network Rail

Duration: 24 Hours

Description of the contract:  

Access via Utas – Universal Track Access System

To clear and prove all drainage within Conwy station and condition report the outfall system.

Brief Description:

Conwy – Conwy Valley and North West Wales Coast Community Rail Partnership

Conwy Station has historic flooding on the Cess and 4ft with no confirmed outfall. Wet beds on both up and down roads are now being faulted.

Accessing the track at an approved on track plant access point with no permanent rrap installation.

Overview of the project

Conwy station is notable set in a wet cutting surrounded by the historic castle walls of Conwy castle. The area leading into the station on the high mileage had catchpit drainage that was completely blocked with debris and roots. This is causing flooding in the cess and 4ft on the up line and damaging the track bed.

In addition, the outfall for the system was unknow and required exploration.

Overview of work completed

On Line On Track Provided a full POS provision with Machine controllers/Coss, operators and support staff.

Access and Egress

Access via Utas – Universal Track Access System






The approved access point at 225m 41ch required a Utas – Universal Track Access System which when lifted into position by a track side 360 excavator.

The system was staggered over both lines which gave the team perfect control over the OTP to reverse directly onto the track.

The work

rrv drainage machines on track clearing track drainage


  • The team accessed the up line and vactor removed all debris within the catchpits and high-pressure water jetted all lines clear. The connecting pipes contained 90% silt and a heavy root content.
  • Where the cess drainage merged into the six foot before traveling through the tunnel there was a heavy calcite content that required a significant HPWJ.
  • Upon exit from the tunnel the drainage flowed down the six foot through the station. Before exiting the station one run between catchpits was partially collapsed. The team manged to clear to aid the flow but this will require further works.
  • Upon exiting the station the system was lost under the six foot ballast. The team managed to locate several buried catchpits which were cleared and proved.
  • The outfall was then located at a distance of 60 meters traveling from the system within the 6ft under the tracks and out to an overgrown culvert threat requires third party access to clear and prove on further works.
  • The system was left clear and flowing with the outfall functioning but requiring further works. The flooding within the cess and 4ft was cleared.


  • Good overall result with flooding removed from the track area.
  • Good collaboration with Network Rail
  • Ease of access and egress using the Utas – Universal Track Access System
  • Positive forward approach to works requiring further works.
  • Great line side contact with general public spectating on the over bridges and platform during the works.
  • All works completed safely and to a high standard.