On-Line On-Track Railway Drainage

The short

We work together to plan, complete and report railway drainage related works with Network Rail and other principle contractor tier one partners. We are available for hire in a wide variety of packages including on and off track solutions. 

“On and Off Track Drainage Specialists”

2 RRV unimog machines on railway trackRRV road rail vehicle high pressure water jetter clearing track catchpit drainage in wales

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What we do

On Line On Track has a fleet of job specific on track plant (OTP) Unimogs with attachments to complete vactor removal of debris within catchpits and ditches and high pressure water jetting attachments to clear pipes and culverts.

We have solved and assisted in many railway drainage solutions since 2001 and do not restrict ourselves to one area, travelling nationwide, with the latest up-to-date plant and equipment.

We are a team that has a vast range of knowledge, with over 35 years’ experience from within the drainage industry and push ourselves forward as a market leader and supplier of drainage machinery and solutions.

Our complete railway drainage package includes the hire of specifically designed RRV drainage machines complete with fully trained and experienced operators, Machine Controllers / Coss and a full POS License provision. We offer a single point of contact for all your railway drainage requirements.

35 years’ experience from within the drainage industry”

Railway Drainage Unimog RRVRoad Rail Vehicle RRV Unimog Vactor completing railway drainage with two operators

“OnLine-OnTrack is the railway division of Super Rod Group.”

CCTV Drain Survey Experts

On & Off Track Drainage Maintenance & Repair

Drainage Related Excavation and Installation

Culvert Clearance

Line side ditching and 3rd Party investigations

Train Station and Signal Box Drain Unblocking and Investigation Works

Drain mapping and Topological Surveys

Railway Catchpit Clearance 

Our specialist designed Road Rail Vehicles (RRV) are equipped with the latest drainage attachments including powerful air moving vactor (nicknamed “The Sucker”) and high pressure water jetting equipment (nicknamed “The Jetter”). Each on track plant (OTP) machine is equipped with various attachments and tools including various jet heads and extension.

Access and Egress On Tracking

Each RRV machine is certified with an Engineering Compliance Certificate (ECC) and risk assessed with a Product Approval (PA) certificate. 

Our approach to track drainage has always been to offer independent vactor and jetter attachments of separate host machines, in order to work independently with in a work site.

Using individual OTP rather than a combined vactor and jetting drainage machine has several benefits. These include:

Independent working within worksites – There is no holding these machines back, the vactor leads the works ahead of the HPWJ jetting team. removing ballast, debris and clay from the catchpits, exposing the pipes and cleaning the silt trap below. The high pressure water jetting RRV can work at its own pace jetting clear the connecting pipes between the catchpits or out towards an outfall. 

Mix and Match machine options – depending on the work scope the attachments can be selected to complete the work. There is an option to have multiple vactor attachments or multiple jetting attachments or single machine options. On Line On track planning team can help to select the right equipment to complete the works timely and effectively.

Emergency recovery – regardless of machine choice we always provide a second machine for recovery purposes. In the unfortunate event of an emergency breakdown all machines are compatible to recover each other. 

Jetting RRV Attachments (Jetter)

The Mercedes Unimog provides a perfect host vehicle for our specialist design high pressure water jetting unit. Complete with a turntable system that lifts the fully loaded vehicle to allow fast access to the line in short tight access spaces. 

The proven 2000psi 178 ltrs per minute pump is directly run from the PTO drive, combined with the interchangeable jetting nozzles and 150 meters of hose this vehicle is perfect for remote on track railway drainage and culverts clean outs.

RRV Jetter Highlights

2000 psi Pump System
178 ltrs per minute
5435 Ltrs Tank Capacity
Turn Table on/off Tracking System
Fully Operated by OnLine-OnTrack Drainage Engineers


Vactor  RRV attachments (Sucker)

Railway Drainage Unimog RRVTaking full advantage of the Mercedes Unimog versatility and robust design, this host vehicle is perfect for accessing tight and remote access points with the benefit of a turn table system for quick on and off tracking.

The powerful 3000 cfm air moving system has no loss of vacuum when faced with ballast, solids or liquids and is ideally suited to a host of operations within the railway environment including wet beds, culvert and catch pit cleaning and other general civils works requiring excavation.

RRV Vactor Highlights

3000 cfm Air Moving System
5 Ton Capacity
Turn Table on/off Tracking System
Multiple Applications Within Railway Environment
Fully Operated by OnLine-OnTrack Drainage Engineers





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