Rail Services

With an outstanding first class industry reputation for quality drainage work and a huge number of railway drainage achievements under our belt we are the best drainage company to service your railway drainage requirements.

Especially when tight deadlines and budgets need to be met.

Over the past eight years we have successfully completed many projects on railways including drain cleaning, CCTV surveying of trackside drains, catch pit emptying, culvery cleaning and drainage infrastructure repairs.

We understand the railway business better than any other drainage company and we recognise that work must be carried out quickly, professionally and to the highest of standards.

On and Off Tracking

All of Super Rods vehicles are four wheel drive, we have yet to find a site we cannot access. Our four wheel drive machines can deal with the most difficult access points in a very short space of time so Super Rod are able to maximise possession time to its full potential. The large machines also feature a turn table for access and agress, which lifts the entire machine clear of the ground which enables the machine to be turned on the spot.


We can change tracks in minutes, we can offer greater productivity, efficient use of available possession time, a huge increase in productivity and increased value for money.

Catch Pit Clearance

Catch pit clearance is done by using an air movement system therefore eliminating the use of vacuum. The air mover is driven direct from the machines PTO drive. This saves a considerable amount of time.


Super Rod can empty catch pits quickly and remove ballast from catch pit lids therefore requiring a minimal number of staff. Quickly clears culverts, toughing and cable-ducts of ballast, stone, sludge and other contaminants.

Water Jetting Capacity

The hose reel holds a capacity of 150 metres of 20mm jetting hose enabling us to access virtually all areas. The controls are situated on the front of the frame with all emergency features available direct to the operator.

Major Benefits:

Water Capacity 860 Gallons, High capacity flow pump 40.5 gallons per minute at 2000 PSI.

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